Jim Motylinski: one of the Acts 13:41 People

A Member in Good Standing of the Maranatha Bible Society

I did some semi-egghead research and sent it to Jim Motylinski (in hindsight, what I discovered is quite profound), it went right over his head.

Click on this hyper-link for my findings:


He responds to this letter in a “lovey-dovey Christian” way…(this letter is included in my return to him)…Read On! (there is significance in the way I address the letter).



The letter you wrote in response to my “what day was it study”, as I expected to happen, the main point of that study went right over your head. My purpose here is not to enlighten you with the specific intent of that study…you didn’t get it then and you wouldn’t get it now. My purpose now is to DIRECTLY address several points you made. Let me refresh your memory.  

Your Letter:


    Seems like you’ve been doing a lot of study lately!…

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