The Gospel !! 1Cor15:3-4, Ok, Chapter & Verse Please for “The Scriptures”

Why I Condemn the Maranatha Bible Society

The two people the below letters are addressed to are Debbie Motylinski and Sonja Heady

First some preliminaries, The Maranatha Bible Society has a Web Site:

Or, just Google “Maranatha Bible Society”, contained on this site is everything that I bring into question in the below letters. Theses series of letters I wrote to Debbie & Sonja AFTER my departure from this fellowship of farces…after “The Incident” (click on the below hyper-link): 

These letters were written almost seven rears ago, they have NEVER been a reply.


Dear Debbie & Sonja

I am anticipating (note future tense) some reaction to my Isaiah 1:18 & “Incident” letters so even prior to having received anything I am composing this. I hope that you immediately notice my tone. I’m especially trying not to be the wrathful me as I have been in my previous letters. Why, you have a legitimate…

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